peacock bird and Sufi


Size: 4×6 Feet

Artist Name: Munawer Hussain Sulehri



The peacock bird is a symbol of beauty, majesty, and spirituality in many cultures, including Sufism. In Sufi tradition, the peacock is often seen as a representation of the divine soul. Its vibrant plumage and graceful movements are said to reflect the beauty and perfection of God.

The peacock is also associated with the Sufi concept of fana, or annihilation of the ego. The peacock’s feathers are said to represent the different aspects of the ego, and when the peacock sheds its feathers, it is said to symbolize the letting go of the ego.

In Sufi poetry and literature, the peacock is often used as a metaphor for the seeker of God. The peacock’s journey to find its true home in the divine is said to represent the seeker’s journey to find God.